My skeleton war army has gotten too large to put them all in a photo. I’d have to move my entire house around to get them in one picture. In a matter of one week, my army had increased from two, to about 27… More to come. I also need to integrate meat bags to join as soon as their skeletons are free of excess baggage. Join us. Prepare for the skeleton war.

Driving Through Alberta

me: if you look to your left, you’ll see nothing

me: if you look to your right, you’ll see nothing and a cow

me: hey look a bird!

me: wait no it died

me: look at that oil

me: is that a cloud, dust, or gas?

me: I miss mountains

me: wow, oil that’s new

me: what’s that over there?

me: ah yes, oil

me: I haven’t seen a single wild rose

me: so many swampy lakes

me: sand sand sand sand grass

me: you know what’s awesome? Mountains

me: oh Canada…